Generation Z Graduates? Why not?

01.05.22 05:24 PM By Eloisa Gesmundo

Who are they actually?

As years go by there will be always a new industry wanderer trying to thrive in what they so-called “real-world” after graduation. It was not too long ago, the Millennials dominated the workforce industry but right now there will be a new age bracket that will continually surge - Generation Z. According to an article in the Manila Times, last year, 70 percent of the Philippine population was composed of both Millennials and Generation Z. Hence, millennials were completely taken over by the Gen z which compromises 40 percent out of that 70 percent. 

Do you intend to grow your team? You’re well aware that fresh graduates face stiff competition for jobs but it would be worthwhile for your company to hire one?

With these huge amounts of fresh minds, talents, and ideas this would be a great chance to start researching and preparing to accommodate these new graduates. 

Who are they actually? 

These are the young people who were born from 1997 to 2012 (Pew Research Center) after the millennials. The pioneer batch of this new segment was proven to be very driven, dynamic, and focused on the stability of their career. Emily Poague mentioned that this Generation believes that the most important in this current workforce is the technical hard skills and they were aware that the jobs were prone to evolution that is why they were eager to learn.  Hiring them would be beneficial to the company with out-of-the-box thoughts and capabilities despite being a fresher in the industry. 

Why should your company hire a Generation Z graduate?

1. Growth-driven individuals

As mentioned above this generation focuses on the stability of their career and they were also aware of the ever-changing characteristics of jobs as the world continuously evolves. This is why they prioritize acquiring new learnings and skills. George Anders stated that 76 percent of Generation Z have higher capabilities in learning as they excessively seek more opportunities to learn and practice new skills. Furthermore, 61 percent of them are devoted to progress and welcome more responsibilities. These will be an advantage for a company to take them as an employee because they can adapt quickly to the assigned tasks and has a high potential for development. The more they grow the more competitive the company will be in the market. 

2. They were technically and digitally inclined

As we all know the world right now was completely revolving around technologies and the internet even before this pandemic happened. Take note, Generation Z was born in the era where there is a rise in the usage of technologies that is why it is like they were digitally in second nature. They were very comfortable, almost dependent on using and exploring the internet. It was a good credential and asset in every company when an employee has knowledge in such things or has exceptional skills in that aspect on a case-to-case basis. 

3. Accepts starter-pack salary

Of course, who would say no to money right? Everyone will be happy if they received thick Peso bills slid inside on that brown envelope or saw a six-digit amount on your card. Hence, this generation would take it as a bonus only because learnings, progress, opportunities, and stability of their career are what really matters to them. The company can save some inputs but will gain quality outputs from these people.

4. Steaming hot ideas and opinions

Generation Z grew up in an era where technology is dominant and changes become more visible which makes them also go along. Being dynamic is not new to them which could lead to contributing new things, ideas, and perspectives to your company. Plus in today’s market, they were considered to be the largest segment of the consumers. They will be expected to become the driving force in the market in the near future (Euromonitor, 2018). Because of this, hiring them is a good idea since they know what their fellow Generation Z wants and needs. They can easily detect the trend in the industry as well. This could place your company at a competitive advantage in the market. 

5. Multi-tasking is not a problem

Since this generation was exposed to a variety of gadgets and information that is accessible within their fingertips leads them to do lots of activities. For example, they can do school responsibilities and at the same time browsing on their social media platforms, even listen to music, sometimes they could also watch videos while doing their exercises or other routines. In the corporate world, this is a good trait to be able to handle doing activities effectively. A survey says that 84 percent of this generation gives importance to a work-life balance set up that is why they were devoted to delivering their tasks on specific deadlines. It cannot avoid having extra-urgent tasks that need to be done prior to the usual to-dos of the employees. Hiring them is not a waste of time.

6. Can work Independently 

Any company would like to have an employee that can manage the tasks on their own without asking for too much supervision on them. Their ability to adapt quickly and due to the availability of resources everywhere makes this generation to be comfortable doing their work on their own. They believe that everything can be searched on the internet and seeks less of opinions from others. The company can allot their time to other tasks that need more attention and energy than on frequently monitoring the newly hired employees.

Generation z graduates may be new in the workforce industry but they also have a unique combination of skills and experience which distinguishes them from other generations. They will contribute to the company if they were hired and given a chance to showcase what they’ve got. Investing in them is not a bad idea. Let us be prepared and be ready for what can give to us.