Top 7 Reasons Why Internships Are Critical

01.05.22 11:59 AM By Eloisa Gesmundo

Do you know of anyone who hasn't gone through internship?

If you're trying to decide whether a career path is right for you, it's a good idea to think about what an internship or apprenticeship could offer you. An internship provides recent college graduates with an understanding of a particular career path. This can give you an idea of whether that line of work would be right for you. I think it is necessary to have an internship. Personally, I consider it a good way to get some experience in the field relevant to your studies. For example, say I am looking for people to work for my company. Obviously, I am going to want to employ people with skills and experience that match the jobs available. Internship programs help people learn about their chosen careers and what it's like working in the real world.
1. For you to be prepared. Internships allow you to gain experience in a particular field. After college, you may have fewer opportunities to gain experience in your field. That is why internships are a good way to learn about the different parts of your industry. At an internship, you will get a variety of responsibilities and will be able to try out different things that can also prepare you for the next endeavors you are taking. If you’re interested in working at a startup, an internship is a great way to gain experience with that company. Entrepreneurs often say that internships are more valuable than resumes because they know what it takes to fill open positions; having someone who can dive into something without a lot of training is huge for them. If you can be a part of building from scratch, you’ll see exactly how things work—and maybe even find out if entrepreneurship is for you.

2. To experience what it is like to be in the world of work. Remember that not every internship is just coffee runs and photocopying. Internships give you the opportunity to experience how things work, how your role fits into the business model and what your ultimate goals are. Internships typically want their interns to leave with a thorough understanding of the industry and tasks involved, so take advantage of experiencing this opportunity—pay close attention and ask questions. Practice, practice, practice. A startup internship is a great opportunity to learn, gain valuable skills, and build your network.
3. To learn how to apply the knowledge in the real world. Interns are encouraged to do more. An internship is a great way for you to learn from the best and apply those learning in the real world. You'll have an opportunity to work closely with people experts in their fields and on projects in progress- big or small. They will watch over you to ensure your success. Also note that because interns are typically very green in terms of work experience, they’re sometimes overlooked by their supervisors. However, as an intern, you can actually take advantage of that oversight and push yourself to do more than your supervisor might initially ask for. As long as your hard work doesn’t cause issues for other employees or your organization, try going above and beyond expectations to demonstrate your commitment to a career in a certain field.
4. To enhance your skills in your own chosen field. Internships are a good way to experiment with new skills and tools. There, you can also explore a new set of knowledge that may help you to be more competitive in your chosen career. Internships can lead to full-time jobs too. This might be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many college graduates graduate and do not have a job lined up. Even if you are only looking for an internship, it is critical to have one that can lead to a full-time job. After all, not having a job is no better than having an entry-level job when so many of your friends already have six-figure salaries in their chosen fields.
5. To make you believe in yourself more. An internship will give you different tasks that will make you believe and trust in yourself more, as well as help you grow as both a professional and a person. There will be some mistakes, but they will help teach you how to make things right. There will be times when you receive so much appreciation for your work that will make you want to do more and create more. Not only that, they are resume boosters – internships help get you noticed! There’s nothing like experience on your resume to impress potential employers. Employers are generally much more likely to hire candidates with internship experience than those without it because they know interns have some of their most important work experience under their belts. After all, real-world work experience is what separates good students from great ones, and great ones from superstars! When you get your foot in that door with a great internship, you can use it as a springboard for future employment.
6. If you’re undecided, an Internship will make you realize which path to take. The absolute best way to find out if you are cut out for a particular career is to try it. An internship allows you to sample a variety of different jobs at startups, giving you a better sense of what type of work environment fits your personality and interests. The more time and energy you invest in finding an internship that suits your values, skills, and goals, the better prepared you will be when it comes time to look for a full-time job. 
7. To build new relationships and learn how to interact with different kinds of people. Participants in the internship program learn how to communicate effectively and get along with different kinds of people, a skill set that can be applied to the careers they are working toward in their next few years. Plus, you can have a look into how your company operates. One of your biggest challenges as a potential intern is understanding how your potential employer functions. The best way to do that is to get an inside look at how they operate. An internship gives you access to employees and can provide information on how they handle day-to-day tasks. The more you know about your company, including its strengths and weaknesses, before accepting an offer, the better prepared you’ll be to contribute during and after college life. That’s why internships are so important!
These seven reasons are only a few of the many benefits of internships. If I, as an intern, have enjoyed these benefits, you can, too. Internships help you expand your skills and prepare you for the competitive job market. Learn more about how you can get the same internship experience as well as in-depth training from MLC PH Business Consultancy Services. Click here to enroll. We are currently accepting the next batch for 2022 – 2023.